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Eco-Conscious Professional Organizer

An organized home sets you up for success in all aspects of your life. When you have less clutter, you save money by alleviating unnecessary purchases of items you already have. You can also find things easier when you need them. Creating order out of chaos can be overwhelming. I am here to guide you through your journey to become and stay organized.


I believe in recycling, repurposing, and using what you already have when possible. Journey to Organization will guide you through various options and design a sustainable, customized organizational system. Unwanted items in good condition will be donated to charities and organizations of the client’s choosing.

Meet Amani

I discovered my love and talent for organizing while working in the hardware department with thousands of screws, nuts, and bolts. I realized that I truly have a gift and passion for organizing chaos. As I reflected on my life experiences, I realized that I  have been left to clean up several loved ones’ homes after they passed away.


Through my personal experiences, I understand how overwhelming it can be to face the challenges of clearing out a home after the passing of a loved one while processing your grief. Especially when you are in a time crunch to find the most important documents.


My first encounter was when I was about eight years old when my great-grandmother passed away. She lived through the Depression and saved everything. Since then, I have been charged with cleaning and organizing homes of the deceased every couple of years, not only for myself but friends and family members as well.

What I Offer

Your goals and vision come first! Whether you’re a busy working professional, downsizing, or an overwhelmed parent, creating order out of chaos can be daunting. 


Make the most of your available space by creating storage solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing


Clutter can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health, decluttering your living and work spaces can reduce stress and improve your overall well-being


Cleaning takes a lot of time and effort, and it can be challenging to fit it into a busy schedule. I can help you free up time for you to focus on other things


Getting organized may require additional storage solutions, save yourself the time and headache of assembly

Project Spotlight

Bedroom Declutter and Organize

As advocates for a cleaner, greener future, we believe that creating order out of chaos is not only beneficial for our clients but also for the environment.


In our recent bedroom declutter and cleanse project, our primary goal was to transform a cluttered and disorganized space into a serene sanctuary. We started by decluttering the bedroom and carefully sorting items to identify those that could be donated to local charities or recycled. By repurposing gently used belongings and diverting materials from landfills, we aimed to reduce waste and promote a circular economy.


As a professional organizer, I can help you achieve your specific goals by creating a customized plan to meet your unique needs.

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation so we can discuss your goals and needs.


All packages include research and recommendation of products specific to your organization needs. Booking a second session will include the purchase one of the recommended organization items of your choice up to $25.


$ 55 Hour
  • Organize and sort items

    Items will be sorted by “keep”, “sell”, “donate”, “trash” and “recycle”
  • Recommend and assist with placement of items using the space and current items you have
  • Consultation of products to help you stay organize

Organize &

$ 65 Hour
  • Organize and sort items

    Items will be sorted by “keep”, “sell”, “donate”, “trash” and “recycle”
  • Recommend and assist with placement of items using the space and current items you have
  • Remove up to 4 large 33-39 gallon of trash and/or recycling

Organize, Declutter & Clean

$ 75 Hour
  • Organize and sort items
  • Recommend and assist with placement of items using the space and current items you have
  • Remove up to 5 large 33-39 gallon of trash and/or recycling
  • Surface cleaning
    (cleaning products and supplies included)


$ 35 Hour
  • Purchasing supplies to keep space organized
  • Assembly of products to keep space organized


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Service Area

Based in Columbia, MD, Journey to Organization services the following areas: Howard County, Northern Montgomery County, Northern Prince Georges County, Baltimore City, and Southern Baltimore County.


Unsure if you are in my service radius?  Contact me to confirm. 

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