Clutter Prevention Pro Tip

Break Free from the “Just in Case” Syndrome

Let's turn those "just in case" purchases into smart, intentional choices

Unless you are preparing for the apocalypse or operating an e-commerce store, there is no need to purchase multiples of the same item. I get it, we are COVID survivors and may still have PTSD from the supply chain shortage. There were shortages of everything from toilet paper to cleaning supplies to certain food items. And it took a while for the stores to restock.


Even in that situation think about the ways you survived and were able to improvise. You found creative was to use things you already had. For instance, when there was no hand sanitizer, some people carried soap and water instead. When there was no toilet paper, you may have used wipes, napkins or even used a water bottle to create a personal bidet.

I too have been guilty of purchasing excess items because I was not sure what I had a home. So I get home and work the quarterly declutter system and wonder why I have three bottles of garlic powder or seven bottles of nair. I call this the “just in case” syndrome.

How to prevent clutter and combat the “just in case syndrome”?

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