Simplify, Declutter, Organize: Your Yearly Closet Detox Plan

Declutter your closets annually- The journey to elimination starts here!

Most important spaces to start your declutter journey- Closets

Making space and removing clutter can be overwhelming. Professional organizers will agree that there are many benefits to removing clutter including, saving time, space and money. Start with one space at a time. I recommend starting with a closet. Chances are, you have items in other spaces that really need to live in the closet. And the closets tend to be the catch all dumping ground. Pick one, the one that has the least amount of items.


Decluttering space in the closet will make space for items in other spaces. Whether it is your clothes closet, linen closet, storage closet or pantry.


Think about what items you would like to store in the closet. With this in mind, consider how many items that need to be removed to make space for those items.

Step 1: Set a time frame goal in which these items that are causing clutter must be removed from your living space. I would recommend items should be cleared within 2 weeks. The longer they stay the less likely you are to clear the items from your space. Write this date in your calendars. Tell a friend or family member about this date and ask that they hold you accountable.


Step 2: Set aside or make 5-6 separate spaces via a bin, bag, or area on the floor for

  1. Trash
  2. Recycle
  3. Donate
  4. Sell
  5. Keep and use
  6. Keepsake memorabilia

Step 3: Remove items that are expired and broken or damaged items that you had all intentions of repairing and place them in the trash or recyclable containers.

Step 4: Remove any items that have not been used in one year.
Consider if the items that you have not used in a year have a purpose and how you will use the item within the next year. If you can not realistically determine how the item will be used within the next year, then as part of the process, place the item in either in the category for donate or sell.


At this point you will probably left with items that you have not used in a year, but you do not want donate or sell the item. Now what?


Step 5: In most instances you are probably holding on to these items for sentimental reasons. This is the most challenging part of the decluttering process.


Consider how you will use the item in your current space. How was this item used in the past? Can you use it in that same way? Was this a family heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation and you just want to continue the tradition, in this place the item in your keepsake/memorabilia section. Keep in mind that the things that in this section may need to be narrowed down and prioritize what you only have space for. Since you are working on your closet, you should only have one bin of keepsake for your entire home. Perhaps family members or close friends can benefit from these items.

Step 6: What to do with the donation items???

I recommend that you donate the items to an organization that is close to your heart. For example, if you have a bunch of DVD’s and you were in the military, you can donate them to AMVETS who will ship them to men and women who are fighting overseas.

Or you can check out where to donate all things


Write your plan on what will go where, or you could simple take everything to your local donation site.


Step 7: Selling items. Be realistic about the items in this category. Some items may be true antiques. In this case you make want to consider, getting these items appraised and/or selling to your local antique, pawn shop or specialty buy back store. For example, if you have a lot of old sports equipment, some sporting store will buy this equipment back. This will save you the time of taking pictures and listing the items individually on the various online market places.

Depending on the first goal you set for the time frame to rid your space of these items, you can sell the items at a community yard sale (which tends to generate the most traffic), personal yard sale, or e-market space such as let go, thread up, and/or Facebook market place. Consider googling the best online venue to sell your particular items.


The last step in your journey to declutter your closet space is to explore organizing solutions weather it be shelves, or purchasing specific storage items to house the items you use regularly, for example hooks hangers, or item specific storage containers.

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